Brendan Rodgers and other managerial options Spurs should now consider

By no means do I think it’s a done deal that Brendan Rodgers would come but it is worth a try at this stage.

I’d imagine Leicester would make it difficult for us to get him, in the first place. It depends on a few factors really, that we can’t really speculate about with any real degree of accuracy. Financially we can probably make it worth his while of course, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable that he could look at the infrastructure at Spurs and see the potential to build a title-winning side there.

Plus the prestige of managing one of the traditional ‘Big Six’ rather than Leicester. For me it will be decided by how much money we can/do throw at him, and what his perception of us is. Could go either way.

If not him? Nagelsmann is the dream, but if we can’t get Rodgers I wouldn’t be optimistic about getting him. Benitez and Allegri are both unemployed and have title-winning experience, but equally both have fairly significant question marks.

Howe is unemployed, and Potter, Parker, Hassenhutl, Nuno all doing varying degrees good jobs in the Premier League but would all to certain represent the same risk that we took with Poch – can they up their game to push us over the line, or will it be too great a step up? Who do we entrust the next rebuilding project to?

I brought up Rodgers simply because when the speculation about a managerial sacking starts to ramp up like this, there is usually a frontrunner that emerges, at least with Spurs – we rarely appoint someone surprising and out of the blue any more.

Rodgers might be the bookies’ favourite and at this point, why not give it a shot since matters can’t seem to get any worse.