Daniel Levy confirms Tottenham are definitely ‘open for business’

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has spoken on the club’s vision from here on after the building of the new stadium.

Spurs had been struggling to compete with rival clubs for years but the club were still lauded for being able to challenge for a spot in the Champions League.

It is still apparent that Tottenham is a club which may need some time to financially contend with the Manchester United’s and Bayern Munich’s but there is no doubt that progress is being made either way.

With the opening of the new stadium, the club can now count on more revenue from increased ticket sales.

Fans have been starved of big-name signings in the recent transfer windows with Daniel Levy often receiving much of the criticism.

But the club’s chairman has spoken with much optimism after the building of the new stadium and Levy insists Spurs are now ‘open for business’ as competition against Europe’s elite begins.

“You can’t be a big club in a 36,000 stadium but you can be in a 62,000 stadium,” Levy told Sky Sports

“It’s a massive lift for Tottenham and London. It couldn’t come at a better time in view of the political situation we have at the moment with Brexit.

“We’re definitely open for business.”

Most supporters will be very interested to see how the club reinvests its revenue in the transfer market, especially with Pochettino’s team clearly having areas which need improvement.


  1. Got to get over the Brexit hump on way or another. ATMs in Spain paying less than 1:1! rubbish.
    Need to buy UK talent.

    1. Need to buy UK talent? Yes that sounds romantic and all but what UK talent is available?

      All we have in this country now is rubbish average talent. Dont talk about shit you know fuck all about!

  2. Interesting comment by Pamison!
    I suggest he looks at the average age of the England team and the success of England’s junior teams in International competition.
    Makes me wonder if it has occurred to him that it could actually be him who’s talking shit!!

    1. To be fair he’s making some sense though. The England team was VERY lucky to reach semis of WC and that has some believing we are actually good but we’re definitely not. Have some perspective

      1. England have a better team now than they were during the WC.
        Several new young players have come into the squad, and over all they have improved.

  3. The Euro is 1.1475 which its the best its been for some time, if Eriksen wants to go to Real Madrid then lets get Isco & £ or Bale & £ or Isco & Bale, they are both better than Eriksen anyway

  4. No Bale Please! Left Spurs when needed him. His wages too high
    Move on! Poach knows what he is doing.

  5. A great vision is being realised, others buy a premiership , we have nurtured youth, we have built the best stadium in Europe , we have more money than anyone in the premier league .All this playing away every week for the last two years. Levy has done a magnificent job to bring a average club from an all ran to a contender. Watch out everyone we have just landed.

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