‘He knows the club’: Sky pundit says £76m star could choose Tottenham

Sky Sports pundit and former Spurs striker Darren Bent has suggested that Mauricio Pochettino’s side is one of only two clubs who could win the battle to sign Gareth Bale from Real Madrid.

The Welshman, who is priced at £76m by Madrid (Sport), is facing a summer of turmoil, after losing his place completely in the Spanish giants’ starting eleven under Zinidine Zidane.

Ever since he left north London in 2013, Bale has ocassionally been linked with a romantic return to his former club.

But this summer appears to be the best opportunity yet for Tottenham to bring back the attacker, who finished as top scorer in his last season in Spurs colours.

Bale’s high wages will remain the primary worry for Tottenham, regarding any potential deal to sign him.

But the Welshman’s familiarity with Spurs could be the deciding factor if he is indeed set to return to the Premier League

Therefore, Bale’s former teammate, Darren Bent, has stated that the Welshman could favour a move back to Tottenham.

He told Sky Sports: “I can see him coming back [to England] but where is the difficulty,”

“You look at Spurs and he knows the club, they’re going in the right direction, a new stadium, brilliant manager, young team.

“He’ll go to where suits him best and he’ll have a number of options. When you look at the teams in the Premier League, it comes down to Tottenham and Manchester United.”


  1. Re-acquiring Bale would be a disaster for Spurs. RM have a problem and we should get as far away from it as possible. Bale has 3 years left on a contract that will pay him 10 times what he is worth over the 3 years. RM would love to get someone to bail them out. It shouldn’t be us. the only reasonable solution would be for RM to buy out Bales contract and cut him loose. Even then, would he be content to play for someone as a utilty player at 50 -60 K per week.

    1. You never spew anything but utter bollocks! Are you even a Spurs fan?

      signing Bale is a decent idea and he is the star quality we need with Kane and co to jump to next level. Yes he’s 30 but he still has a lot left in him and clearly has something for the club

  2. Impossible deal whether you like the idea or not. His wages will mean the entire Tottenham payscale be readjusted upwards, the likes of Kane and Lloris have contracts that promises their wages will match the highest in the club. Secondly, if Spurs is agnostic about player’s age, they wouldnt have sold a first team player like Mousa Dembele in a hurry which almost cost them the Top 4 spot in the league.

  3. A sentimental backwards step for a club that got to the CL final without his help. Why gamble and potentially waste the “ Bale money” again.. there are safer and better options out there .

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