‘I have no trust in Pochettino’ – Spurs fans are lashing out after this weekend’s results

When we saw off Chelsea in a 3-1 victory at Stamford Bridge a couple of weeks ago, it really felt as though the spot in the top four which we have been in pursuit of during much of the season had finally been snapped up.

However, things have somehow become more nervy heading into the final week of the campaign and perhaps it did not have to be this way.

Chelsea, who looked almost dead and buried, have put together a run which has put the pressure back on Tottenham and Liverpool unexpectedly.

After recent slip ups here and there, Spurs went into the trip to West Brom without much room for error but a defensive collapse in injury time saw us concede the winning goal to a team destined for relegation this season.

Just over 24 hours later, it was Chelsea’s turn to take advantage and they did just that with a hard-fought 1-0 win over a Liverpool side who seem to be worried about nothing else but Champions League glory…and you cannot blame them.

But with Antonio Conte’s side now within touching distance of us in the Premier League table, some Spurs fans have not held back from questioning Pochettino.

Here’s a selection of the reactions on Twitter:


  1. Spurs Squad rotation is for everyone bar Kane Deli and centre backs in vital games. We have a strong squad but if form is tailing off what about playing Llorente and Moura from the start then subbing if needed. Chelsea away was a winning team, what has happened since then

  2. Lads it not poch he a top manager luk what he done with the club an not much money its the players they don’t know how to get the big results when needed shd have been 3rd place an safe but we will gt the points an 3rd if we play the way we can don’t start sagging team an poch now always spurs coys

  3. Get off his back, think back a few season, nowhere to be seen, now in with a chance every year. Support Spurs or go somewhere else…

    1. Well said Gilbert. Constructive suggestions are welcome, but some of this makes you wonder about our educational system!

    2. Well said Gilbert ! Some fans have extremely short memories, or none at at all.
      The players are letting themselves down, not Poch.

  4. Next up then…3-4 topline players of Pocc choice to come in and keep our top players…then no excuses.

  5. We have surrendered 8 points and a chance to play the FA cup final to play our star striker who is clearly in terrible form and has not recovered from his injury. This is unfair to the team, the fans and even to Harry Kane. No player should be bigger than the team.
    We have played the last 4 games with a starting squad of 10 players. If Kane needs to be ordered to recover the order it. It’s not okay to give away the season to allow him to play.

    1. Bang on, he’s already in Russia and trying get fit at the teams expense. Porch needs to show bottle and bench him for Wednesday and play Son, with Moira giving a chance to prove his worth.
      If we don’t by a Captain for the middle of the park, we win nothing. Imagine Roy Keane, he would rip them.

    2. Pretty spot on. Harry has not been the same since his injury and the stupidity surrounding him claiming the “shoulder” goal. He is not bigger than the club.

  6. I support the team and Mr. Poch.
    Mr. Levy, don’t be like the San Diego Chargers (oh, sorry, they moved to Los Angeles) because you don’t want to spend some money. It takes money to win money. Always will.

  7. Why change to a Back Three
    Kane is a passenger
    Why the pass back mentality
    Why are we so slow going forward, to many touches before they pass
    Why are we so bunched
    Deli has lost form, bench him
    Pochettino Trying methods are not up to scratch

    1. There was no plan B. Substitutions should have happened at half time. We continually play at a pedantic pace allowing teams to sit back. The delivery from the full backs are not good enough for a team playing without wingers.

      1. With you on that one Jeffrey, it’s so bloody slow. Play Maura on one wing Son on the other and Deli Alli CF, with Kane on the bench.

  8. I agree with many. Ali needs to go, put Son and Moura out wide on both flanks leave Kane in the middle to do what he should be doing just in the 6 yard box putting the ball in the net, other option leave Son up front. But Ali must go, said this week’s ago. He may have scored a couple in last few weeks, but he has been poor most of the season. Spurs need to change and have 2 main strikers up front to work together. Change to 442 or 352.
    Teams have worked Spurs out time to change .

  9. pochetinno is not the manager to take us forwards,to many bad buys,tactically inept,in fact I would give him his P45,his tacticts have been sussed,the squad cannot sustain his high press tacticts for 90 minutes and just about every manager east of the rockies knows that as well.SACK HIM and be done with his cow crap football

    1. Gilbert is right. You must be a Gooner at heart and if you really think yourself a Spurs supporter, go to Accrington Stanley, they need the numbers.

    2. Just because you’ve been following Spurs for 60 odd years, doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. Pochettino’s one of the best managers Spurs have ever had, he’s done so much in the very short time he’s been here. Your comments are very defeatist, negative and out of touch with what Spurs have achieved. It’s only the last 4 fixtures that have started shortsighted fans, to get the hump !
      I’ve been following Spurs since 1964, so I’ve seen all their useless managers, league positions and cup exploits, and this manager and this team, with 2-3 new signings can do even better next season. I don’t want Lamella, Rose, Sissoko, or Llorente, to ever play for Spurs again, but hey, what do I know.

  10. Bottom line ……….. Poch has a few favorites and would not bench the likes of Kane who has not recovered 100% , his Argentinian mate Lamela , Dele and Erickson, who is easily knocked off the ball .

  11. Kane wants to play to catch up with Sarah for the golden boot…poch let him…knowing he is not fully fit…poch always plays his mediocre favourites like,Lamela. And sissoko and lorente and is unfairly strict on Son.for form…

  12. Kane wants to play to catch up with Salah for the golden boot…poch let him…knowing he is not fully fit…poch always plays his mediocre favourites like,Lamela. And sissoko and lorente and is unfairly strict on Son.for form…

  13. Kane has not recovered from all the criticism. Grow up and move on. We’re getting as slow going forward as AVB’s team. Possession but no Penetration. Our full backs are not getting round defences. We are Predictable, crowding in front of the penalty area offering every chance for opposition to pack their defence and break quickly.

  14. As good as Poch is I don’t understand why he put Lamela ahead of Son, or why he didn’t take him off when it was clear he wasn’t adding any impetus to the team’s bid for goals.

  15. reply to hootspur when you have seen 60 years of spurs then and only then make a judgement based on experience instead of man love

    1. I have supported Spurs since 1960, good times and bad. I longed for us to rule North London and now we do. I wanted Champions league football and now we have it. Suddenly we are going to have one of the best stadiums in Europe so I should be delighted with Poch.
      But I sat in the stands at the Hawthorns bored to tears with the slow, lifeless rubbish football that Spurs delivered. There was no pace until Moura came on, the only player who took on a defender was Rose. I watched the ball being passed from side to side, backwards, then across the pitch again. On 75 minutes I said to my son, we will lose this 1-0. We can’t break down boring, defensive teams. We lack pace and desire.
      Oh I miss Bale in full flow, and I would willingly sell Lamela, he does not know where the goal is. Kane was clueless, Trippier never tried to take on the full back and Alli was determined to show off his flicks, back heels and tricks, but got caught out every time.

      So, can we try playing direct, attacking football please? Perhaps buying Zaha and Sessignon would help and Dembele from Celtic? Otherwise we will be boring boring Spurs.

      1. I’ve been a Spurs fan since 1964, and I agree with you Vic. It seems like every Spurs fan to a man wants to see Lukas Maura start ASAP. The writing was on the wall against Brighton, then we were very lucky v Watford and finally losing to lowly WBA, unbelievable how Spurs form has dipped since that great win at the Bridge !

  16. Wanting Poch gone is way over the top and bordering on lunacy. The fact is we are still showing progress under him year on year, look at our CL campaign, and another good league showing despite moving home and ‘the curse of Wembley’. It is worrying that we can’t seem to see out an entire season, we start slowly and this year are falling away again but we have to remember what he is given to work with. The likes of Utd and City etc are still spending hundreds of millions on already expensive squads, our net outlay is virtually zilch. Then there’s the wage issues, we’ve already lost Walker and now it looks like Rose, Toby and possibly Dembele will join him ( anybody else notice how his forms dropped off since his contract dispute came to light) . This has been very disruptive to the squad and is probably the reason Poch is non commital about his future. As usual the problems start and finish with Enics refusal to back our manager properly.

  17. Anyone wishing Pochettino gone is insane.Saying that he does have this ridiculous aversion to making timely subs – if the formation/personnel aren’t working at half time, make the switch THEN not with 10 minutes to go. And why isn’t Moura starting? He’s our most gifted player technically but he gets maybe 5 mins a game ? Seriously worries about Verts too 🙁

  18. Two more games with teams that are on the beach ,plus a two point advantage.
    No problem- WRONG. It’s tottenham. This would be a stroll in the park for any other top 4 team . I can’t watch another capitulation.

  19. Players like Aurier & Moura have been bought but have not improved the squad. Letting the likes of Dembele, Alderwiel,Rose go will further deplete the squad. Selling the best right back in England to Man City was a big mistake! Spurs need better quality coming in to improve the overall squad not squadies who are there to make up the numbers.

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