‘I know for a fact’: Alan Sugar reveals what he knows about Levy spending at Spurs after stadium

Former Tottenham Hotspur chairman Alan Sugar has revealed what he is aware of, regarding the club’s spending power and how Daniel Levy could be willing to spend.

It is now infamously known that Tottenham were the only club in the Premier League who failed to secure any new signings during the summer transfer window in 2018.

That decision has not necessarily seen Spurs go downhill this campaign as some expected and in fact the opposite is what has happened with a place in the top four of the league virtually secured while the team is one win away from becoming champions of Europe.

There is a feeling amongst the fans that the club will be reluctant to spend in the transfer market once again this summer.

However, Alan Sugar is actually claiming that Levy is willing to spend but Pochettino is the one who is reluctant to buy new players.

Talking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show (Thursday, talkSPORT, 8.30am) Sugar said,

“What a game, unbelievable, unbelievable. First off, hats off to Liverpool. Then in the morning we were saying we’d got to do the same.

“Then we go 2-0 down and the players have got Instagram on their phones and they’re browsing photos. Then the second half comes and the rest is history.”

Sugar also heaped praise on Mauricio Pochettino and said, “You saw the emotion of Pochettino and it was unbelievable. Real men cry.

“You’ve got to admire him. He’s been with us a while, he came from Southampton, people might have been skeptical. His ethos is to bring young players through. There’s been a lot of talk about Daniel Levy having his wallet shut because of the new stadium.

“I know for a fact that’s not true. Pochettino doesn’t want to buy people and if he doesn’t want to buy people he won’t. And he gets rid of people who he doesn’t want to work with. I hope we hold onto him.”


  1. Our bench is just NOT deep enough with the quality/game changing players like Shitty has. If we get players leave in the summer (as the press speculates ad nauseum) like Eriksen, Trippier, Rose, Aldeweireld etc, etc then we MUST buy just stay we we are currently. Yes, we know that MoPo likes to bring young players through the reserves etc…you just cannot have that many in the first team squad at the same time.

    1. Idiots like you think spending is everything. Look at United who have spent billions and how sht they still are.

      Our team chemistry matters more than throwing money at the problem

      1. I think “idiot” is a bit harsh – the reality is somewhere in between. Yes we need depth, and yes we would like to bring players through. We do need a happy medium, though. Players like Skipp have been around the first team for a while, but haven’t forced their way into the team, despite Wanyama being a long way off fit. That means that Poch doesn’t think he’s quite there. Marcus Edwards was touted but the Tottenham staff as the new Messi, but hasn’t showed the right altitude or attitude to make it into the first team. Kev, we will never have the depth of squad that City do right now, but then even they don’t have a fit left back! The goal should be to buy the right personality that will fit into the family environment, who will also push the first teamers. Aurier hasn’t set the world alight, but Trippier certainly pulled his socks up when he turned up. Ok he’s hit a run of poor form recently, but he defo made the transition from Kyle Walker a bit less painful.

        1. I agree and contrary to what Clodus thinks I don’t advocate that spending is the ONLY thing to do BUT if the news reports are correct then MoPo also wants some money to deepen the bench. As far Clodus is concerned…I have no understanding why he/she descends to calling someone an idiot based on a post about this topic. I have been a Spurs supporter for 65 years and have seen all sorts of managers and players come and go…I suspect Clodus is not a Spurs supporter for anywhere near that long.

      2. You are stupid dude. Team chemistry is one thing, squad depth is another. Our league form has been frankly appalling since Burnley on 23rd Feb. We still haven’t replaced Walker or Dembele and we are about to lose Toby and Eriksen. We are going into a champions league final with a badly out of form right back, a creative midfielder whose head disappeared months ago and no Dembele/Winks against a team without weaknesses. Freakish individual performances from Son against City (combined with extra rest times over City) and Lucas against Ajax have got us here against all odds but Poch is angry at the current situation as he has made clear on numerous occasions.

  2. The reality is simply first you have to take into consideration the current squad of players? Who is prepared to stand in for Kane? Its simplistic suggesting we go out and spend a mint on an international, hit the ground running player and huge expense to warm the bench? You can equally say that about most of first team with a few notable exceptions? As for Trippier, he had won his position from Walker, Walker wasnt prepared to play understudy, which is my point. Toby was out for a very long period last term, and Davison played in his stead and we produced a long unbeaten run n the process of 18 games? It’ll be interesting to see who we’re supposedly buying that’ll be prepared to play second fiddle and who will replace those about to depart?

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