Daniel Levy has hinted that Tottenham are ready for big signings

Friday’s news of a brand new big-money contract for Harry Kane meant more than just another player in the squad extending his stay in London.

Tottenham as a club over the past decade has not always engaged with the high-spending crowd in the transfer market for the right reasons.

It is because we are a club with ambitious values and building from within is the priority.

However, there always comes a time when certain policies are tweaked for the better due to overall progress and we are now in that era.

Kane’s expensive new contract might just be the indication that Daniel Levy is finally loosening the purse strings.

It is a sign of change at a club which was once reluctant to pay players even more than £90,000-a-week in wages.

The gut feeling here is that consecutive seasons of Champions League qualification has generated a handsome revenue for the club.

And even with the cost of the new stadium to cater for, there is more incoming money than outgoing funds.

We are now paying players what the Barcelona’s and United’s do and that signals an intent to compete at their level in the transfer market as well.

Let’s not forget that Kane’s new deal is rumoured to be set to be followed by the likes of Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli signing new contracts with heavy pay rises as well.

That means we could soon have four or five players around the £150,000-£200,000 weekly wage, and you don’t spend in that fashion as a club unless you are ready to splash the cash like the big boys.

To his credit, Levy is a man who always makes his moves only at the right time, when necessary, and he has finally accepted that we are no longer incapable of spending more.

Also, Kane’s rise to stardom means he will be pushing for the club to recruit players around the levels found at Real Madrid, the club whom the tabloids could not stop linking him to until the new deal was signed a few days ago.

Our new ground will not only be a source of more profit but more prestige as well, which will in turn attract higher standards when we are shopping in the transfer market.

Thus, gone are the days when we could ill afford to break the bank.


  1. Don’t tell me, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are the next to be touted. LOL
    Levy wouldn’t know a big signing if he jumped up and kicked him in the teeth. 🙂

    1. You’re an idiot if you can’t see where we’re going as a club mate. I can see some of the top ten best in the world joining in the next year or two.

      1. LOL, Since when has Levy actually gone out and bought a ready made class act, Kane wasn’t bought, Alli was a £5m Job and Eriksen cost us £11m we’ve been dead lucky on how they turned out, but I suppose they balance out when you look at Sissoko £30m, Lamela £30, Soldado £25 and Janssen £17m
        So if you think we are going to sign top class players you’d better keep dreaming son. LOL

  2. I’ve been a Spurs supporter for 30+ years.
    I’d like to see us win some silver ware but not at the expense of doing it like Chelsea/Man Utd/Man City i.e. buying success.
    I love Spurs but I don’t think I could see it as the same club if we start to spend stupid amounts of money… especially if it’s money we don’t really have, I don’t want us to be a Leeds or a Blackburn Rivers.

    1. Martyn i can not see Levy doing a leeds, Portsmouth or Blackburn or being sugar daddies like Chelski or both Manchester clubs.
      Money recouped from players who have not preformed, return from 62,000 stadium, NFL money, CL money, sponsorship and may be a £100 million war chest from Joe Lewis, all this can be done without living beyond our means

        1. Spot on John. I’ve been a Spurs fan for 50+ years as well (actually 60+) and apart from early 1960’s the best I’ve known as well. As for you Tony Borg, are you by any chance Harry Hotspur, or his father/uncle/brother/son? You seem to be constantly negative about our club, with rarely a good word for anyone. If you’re so upset by the way the club is run why don’t you move to Chelsea, Man U or Man City? At any of those you’ll be able to happily indulge in your fantasy of seeing multi millions spent every window and leave our beloved Spurs to supporters who love and really care for our club, even when they are not doing as well as your expensive tastes demand.

    2. I agree Martyn.. The backbone has to be our homegrown players or players fostered in the UK. But to win titles you have to ad what you at the moment dont get locally, and as good complementary players as possible. If world class players can be afforded and brought in then why not? The better academy players we can get through the more we can spend on key topclass players.

  3. Looks good with internal contracts, but no donkeys like Rondon and so on please, we’ve got that already 🙂
    Puig and maybe De light would have been good, but not to be it seems.

    Save it up till January if we cant get quality players, no more Sissokos please !

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