Pochettino urges Levy to begin ‘a new project’ after new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has asked the club’s chairman Daniel Levy to begin a ‘new project’ after the big move to a new stadium.

For several years, Spurs had been punching above their weight and that progress was rewarded fairly recently as the club begun to secure Champions League football on a regular basis.

Tottenham has always been a club which not not spend beyond its means and the way things are managed in north London has been a blueprint for other clubs to follow.

However, after building a new stadium, most fans are now expecting the club to compete directly with the elites sides in the game.

Spurs were the only team in the Premier League who failed to sign a new player during last summer and that did not sit well with some fans.

After putting together a beautiful new stadium, Pochettino is now calling on Levy to push on and start a ‘new project’.

“Next season we need to build or be ready for a new project, a new chapter – two years, three years, four years – it depends on Daniel, who is going to decide,” the Spurs manager said, as quoted by the Evening Standard

“I am happy and proud to finish a chapter this season, competing the way we compete, helping the club, the fans, the players to be better. It is another thing to talk and sit here again talking about where the club needs to be in the next level, in the future. We need to close the chapter – it’s been fantastic – and think in the long-term to put Tottenham where they deserve to be.”

When he was questioned about what this new chapter should look like, Pochettino said: “I don’t know. That is a decision always for the chairman. A new project means to maybe to talk in a different way, to operate in a different way. It was so useful the way that everyone helped the club achieve what we wanted to achieve, being very competitive and aggressive in the way we play.

“It’s a stadium to be in every season of the Champions League, every season being a real contender and fighting for big things. It is my idea and we we will see if we can deliver it. That is what the club deserves.”