Sky Sports pundit spots a flaw in the new Tottenham stadium

Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas has spotted out a flaw in the club’s new ground in regards to its financial consequences.

For several years, Tottenham were competing with the rest of English football’s big names without a stadium large enough to hold a profitable amount of spectators to take the club forward.

White Hart Lane definitely brought many memories but in order for the club to step up its challenge against Europe’s elite clubs, there had to be either an expansion of the ground or a move to a brand new stadium.

Spurs’ hierarchy chose the second option and after nearly two years of temporarily playing at Wembley, Tottenham finally opened the new stadium this month with a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace which was followed by a 1-0 triumph over Manchester City.

Charlie Nicholas has spoken about the club’s exciting move to a new ground but he insists the fact that it cost ‘too much money’ is a concern.

“It’s still too much money. It’s a fortune. I congratulate them on what they’ve built, it looks fantastic. They’ve still got to fill it though.” Nicholas said, as quoted by HITC

“I think they had to borrow £100 million to cover the loans. The overheads are £500+ million and staying in the Champions League is important.”