‘Sort your sad life out’: Dad of Leeds star Clarke sends angry message amid Spurs move

John Clarke, who happens to be the father of Leeds United winger Jack Clarke, has hit out at Sky Sports pundit Danny Mills on social media over his criticism of the Tottenham target.

The 18-year-old has been linked with a move to Spurs for several weeks now, and along with Tanguy Ndombele, the winger is expected to become one of Mauricio Pochettino’s new signings this summer.

In reaction to the news of Clarke’s imminent move to Tottenham, former footballer Danny Mills stated on Sky Sports that he believes the teenager is taking a ‘backwards’ step in signing for Spurs.

Ex-Leeds defender Mills went on to say on Friday that he felt it was the ‘wrong move’ for Clarke, who has less than 1,000 minutes of senior football under his belt in his young career.

In response to that conclusion from the pundit, Jack Clarke’s dad has lashed out at Mills on social media, and called for him to ‘sort his sad life out’.


  1. Perhaps Mr Clarke, you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror, Danny Mills did not slag off your son … he simply said that he, perhaps, should get used to playing for the U23s at Tottenham as he couldn’t see him getting near the first team squad any time soon, and that had he stayed at Leeds then he would get regular, first team football where he would develop better than with the U23s.

    Danny Mills was a quality PL class footballer who is now paid for his opinions as a pundit … he’s entitled to those opinions and does not deserve to be abused by some over protective dad who should know better.

    1. By your daft comment, I’m assuming you’re a Leeds fan.
      What on earth are you doing on a Tottenham site then, you vagina scum!

  2. It is a massive step backwards. Obviously not the club but anyone who thinks Clarke is ready to play for Spurs is delusional. He barely made the Leeds squad for most of the Season. If he does sign for Spurs he’ll not get near the 1st team. His football will only suffer as a result. Going back to Leeds on Loan is a great solution.

  3. It appears that Pochettino has a similar view to Mills. There is serious talk of loaning Jack back to Leeds to keep his first team development up.

  4. Agreed with all the comments I believe Jack will become a wasted talent if he stays at Tottenham whereas the discipline and excitement of Bielsa can turn him into a real star of the future. By all means pocket some money by going to Tottenham but come back to Leeds for the season to get promotion and really become a focal point of our success.
    Lets also hope we get one seasoned star preferably in the midfield to add the necessary spark to the young lads.

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