‘I am happy at Tottenham’ – Spurs star breaks silence on departure talk

With unending speculation creating uncertainty about his future at Tottenham, Victor Wanyama has broken his silence by responding to the rumours.

The 26-year-old decided to join Mauricio Pochettino at Spurs in 2016 after the pair had worked together at Southampton.

But following a forgettable second season at the club which saw him spend much time on the sidelines due to an injury, Wanyama’s future has been placed in doubt.

Some rumours have even claimed that the midfielder has had a fall-out with Pochettino, with the club currently willing to accept offers to sell him.

In his on words though, Wanyama has dismissed those false claims.

“I don’t respond to rumours and all those are rumours to me, I still have a contract with Spurs and that is what I want to see through” said Wanyama

“I did not have a good season with the team because of injury and my aim now is to work hard during this break and return for next season even stronger and help them perform even better.

“I am happy at Tottenham and I am committed to the team. I am not aware of anything [regarding a move away] and I am very fine and happy where I am.”


  1. Thank you Victor…… for not doing as all the others and hiding behind the speculation!
    Very refreshing and hopefully many more can be as honest and upfront??

    1. Isn’t it awful that Toby has done completely the opposite?? The idiot is going to United as we speak

  2. I’ve always supported Celtic and Tottenham. You are a fine man and a wonderful football player. You have never given any indication to not have been honest about your life and your promotion. On the present team with Pochettino as manager you are well capable of securing your place against any opposition to start games. I understand than at times you may have felt down with the injury and the nonsense in the media. You deserve in my opinion a central role on the first team. I say this because everybody under this manager knows the same. You are not as good as you imagine and not as good as others imagine you to be. You are as good as you are. You can become better. You can secure your future under this manager. You have always had talent and required stamina and aggression. You need more.
    You need commitment to the team and the professional attitude to family friends and God. I speak so because you have the inborn potential to become one of h best midfield players that ever wore the jersey? Once having played alongside Moussa Dembele you know what takes to play in a team of high stature. Perhaps you don’t understand or believe its possible for you to support and become as good a player as is necessary? Whether Moussa moves on or not this remains? You are good enough to become so fit that you force yourself perform as this manager and his team instructs you to in his team. You are central to his ‘philosophy’. You can become better. He knows that. I am sure too of that. you understand what team playing is. You have wonderful physical attributes but have you the discipline and the fortitude to overcome all problems to trust and believe in anything that demonstrates on the field of play your realised potential as a man and a footballer at Tottenham? I’ts not an easy thing to do.

    Ask Celtic supporters what they ended up feeling about you? They understood Celtic and everybody understood just how goo a player you be. You’re not there yet. It would surprise nobody in Scotland if you
    became better recognized as a world class player. That’s the potential Pochettino sees in you. That’s why you have to be fully fit and committed? You have to give your life to your this much like he has and his team has. It’s a decision and its required. Regardless of others in this profession its an easy enough and honest query to wonder whether or no it matters to you? I hope you remain with the Tottenham manager and his project because you are both important to the club. You’ll never get a better team of management than that man and his. He’s a long term leadership. You are capable and destined to become a great player. I for one hope that you remain a Tottenham player and have no doubt you will force your way into any team he decides upon if you work hard enough. That’s your work and his ambition for Tottenham. Loyalty is to the club now.

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