‘Not even close’ – Merson makes his feelings very clear on Spurs stadium move

Sky pundit and former Arsenal player Paul Merson has made his feelings very clear about Tottenham Hotspur’s move to the new stadium this year.

In spring 2017, Spurs said goodbye to the old White Hart Lane as the club started to work on plans of moving to a new ground.

While Tottenham spent nearly two years at Wembley stadium in the mean time, fans of rival sides took the chance to mock the club, knowing little about the beautiful things that were to come in the future.

Last week, Spurs finally played a first team match at the new ground, beating Crystal Palace 2-0 in the Premier League.

It was a fitting way to open the brand new stadium and what followed was a brilliant win over Manchester City in the Champions League.

But for anti-Spurs pundits like Paul Merson, things are not looking so well. According to the former Arsenal player, moving to the new stadium still does not make Tottenham a ‘big team’.

“Tottenham’s new stadium looks lovely, but does it make them a big team? No. Not even close,” Merson wrote in the Daily Star.

“Spurs need to buy players this summer or they will finish where they do this year. That’s the problem for Mauricio Pochettino.”


  1. Yep big boys play on Thursdays too, fancy a beer mers?? COYS

    1. Paul talks a lot of rubbish but I actually dont think he is wrong here. We have to win something first lads.

  2. “Spurs need to buy players this summer or they will finish where they do this year”?
    So, if they don’t buy players they will finish where they don’t? and if they don’t finish where they don’t where will they finish? this logic is mindblowing i need some of Mersons medication just to start to make sense of the comment 🙂

  3. Boring,Boring Mers do you really think we are intrested in your opinion. I don’t think so.

  4. He’s got a point imo. After all, we’ve only been a top four side for four years, are about to gain a place in the semi finals of the CL after playing both Barca and City, only reached the semi finals of the domestic comps this season, have the best stadium in the world – yes the world unless someone can name a specific stadium – have imo the best chairman going, best manager going, best center forward going and a budget team who are capable of beating anyone on the day. Not sure what his point is but as I say, he’s got on.

  5. Merson is a babbling gooner – He lacks both foresight and authority.
    Head knocks from his playing days starting to take their toll.

  6. I have to apologise for my client, since his discharge from the Betty Ford Clinic he’s been suffering from chronic arsenalwankeritis. This takes various forms ranging from increased drug dependency, more than your average flutter on the National each April, slurred speech from mistakenly pouring vodka on his Chock Pops every morning to appearing on the Tv talking complete wank and crying like a pansy in the back of a taxi. A proper fucking hand job.

  7. Spurs are going places, We are doing it in our own way in our own time. We only care about the Spurs No pundit not other side in football matters. All that matters is we are have a state of the art stadium, a state of the art team. Spurs are run by an progressive management team who have a vision and are not just talking about it. We made a world record profit for a football club in 2017/8 season. we have one foot in the CL semis, are in the top 4 in the prem and NO team looks forward tom playing the mighty Spurs. COYS

  8. I think you’re all a bunch of jolly rotters for picking on my little Paul. Fair enough, he might be a snivelling little cnut, but he’s my snivelling little cnut.

  9. wanker, was only five minutes ago you were sobbing on tv like a baby because your gambling habits had got out of control again, gobbing prick with nothing constructive to say

  10. Merson talks out of the same orifice as a politician, this is why he has an andrea toilet roll round his neck, not just to hide the vod but to wipe up what he talks

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