Midfielder nearing transfer to Tottenham should reject move, says ex-manager

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has given his two cents on the club’s potential move to sign Jack Grealish from Aston Villa.

The 22-year-old has edged even closer to completing a transfer to Tottenham this week after talks between the club and Aston Villa.

For most people, Grealish’s move to London would make sense but Harry Redknapp does not agree with that

The ex-Spurs boss has called for the young midfielder to turn down a transfer to the club due to the fact that he is unlikely to be given much playing time.

“He needs to go somewhere where he can play,” Redknapp said at the launch of AIB’s The Toughest Series last month.

“If he goes somewhere to be a squad player, his career is going to go down. He looks to me to be a kid who needs to be told he is great, that ‘we will build a team around you. You will be our main man. You will make things happen, everything has to go through you Jack, this is how we are going to play’.

“I think if he goes to a club like that he will keep progressing. If he goes to a club where is only a bit-part player, I don’t know where he is going.

“He’s not going to replace Dele Alli, that’s for sure. Or Eriksen. You can’t have a team of artists. We all want good players, but you also need Wanyama’s or whoever else you want to play in there.

“He is a real good player but Tottenham are a bit overloaded in those areas.”