‘Poch needs to leave’ – Tottenham fans ripping apart main man after West Brom loss

When we saw off Chelsea in a 3-1 victory at Stamford Bridge a couple of weeks ago, it really felt as though the spot in the top four which we have been in pursuit of during much of the season had finally been snapped up.

However, things have somehow become more nervy heading into the final week of the campaign and perhaps it did not have to be this way.

Chelsea, who looked almost dead and buried, have put together a run which has put the pressure back on Tottenham and Liverpool unexpectedly.

After recent slip ups here and there, Spurs went into the trip to West Brom without much room for error but a defensive collapse in injury time saw us concede the winning goal to a team destined for relegation this season.

Just over 24 hours later, it was Chelsea’s turn to take advantage and they did just that with a hard-fought 1-0 win over a Liverpool side who seem to be worried about nothing else but Champions League glory…and you cannot blame them.

But with Antonio Conte’s side now within touching distance of us in the Premier League table, some Spurs fans have not held back from questioning Pochettino.

Here’s a selection of the reactions on Twitter:


  1. This must be posts by Arsenal, Chelsea or West Ham supporters- All true spurs fans know Poch has taken to another level.

    Like the team he is young and still learning and will get better.

    Don’t fall into the trap of believing rubbish about fans want Poch out!

    1. Well said Mike. Sadly some of these “supporters” actually wear our colours. The answer is that they are good examples of our failing educational system. I really wish that they would go away and support someone else.

      Same goes for their comments about Levy. Both he and Poch have made mistakes, but I remember how far the club has come, both under Levy and Poch.

      These “fans” should get off their backs or follow a team worthy of their “advice”.

    2. What madness is all this criticism of Pochetino?
      Single handidly he has taken us from a top six club to a top three club.
      Has everyone forgot the days when we envied those Champions League contenders?
      What do they expect would happen if Poch left? Some miracle worker to come in a take the team to another level perhaps?
      Unbelievable naivety from some illusional ‘fans’.

  2. Pochettino has taken us to two top four finishes, one league cup final defeat, and two FA Cup semi defeats, EXACTLY the same as Redknapp between 2010 and 2012 – progress?

    1. Shuddup you fucking muppet…fucking blabbermouth like that fool Rednapp…….best manager we have ever had since Burkinshaw. I have supported Spurs since Chivers , Jennings and the future is bright…only problem is morons like you shouting for the mgrs. head after a couple of bad game. ….IDIOT.

  3. Valid point on the trophy stakes and we should not forget it. The “transition” period is getting a bit long now.
    But let’s not forget how close Harry came to selling Bale, who made a major contribution to those achievements. Equally on this basis you would rather have Juande Ramos or George Graham back? Not quite that simple.

  4. I think poch as done a great job and to find a manager that will take us to tht next level will be hard. The one thing that worry’s me is he has too many favourites and no matter how they play he will insist on playing them knowing they might have a good game in the end. How can he insist on playing sissoko and lemela and then watch a 10 – 15 minute cameo from moura and not see that he is more dangerous and talented than both of them. If he keeps picking them both over moura i can see us missing out of top 4.I love kane,but if he had 10 bad games and was not fit he would still play him,cant figure him out.

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