Tottenham decision made in bid to sign former forward

Tottenham have made their final decision in the bid to somehow lure Gareth Bale back to his old club this summer.

The Wales international left London almost five years ago in a deal which saw Spurs receive £85million in return for selling him.

Bale’s career at the Santiago Bernabeu has hit a snag in the past couple of years due to injury woes which have resulted in rumours that he might be leaving the club soon.

But based on a report by BBC, the 28-year-old is not likely to return to Tottenham this summer due to financial concerns over his high wages and transfer fee.

Bale is claimed to be earning around £400,000-a-week in Spain, an astronomical sum which Spurs will not be able to afford, especially with the cost of the new stadium to be paid for.

The Welshman’s transfer fee, which some reports stated would be around £44million, has also effectively been increased after his heroics on Saturday.

Bale came off the bench to score two vital goals which decided the Champions League final in favour of Real Madrid.


  1. I am not sure Bale is what Spurs need his injuries at Madrid and loss of form would make me think twice , the last few seasons he has been hot and cold no consistency Ronaldo & Ramos want him out so the story go`s because of his lack of involvement in games , but Ronald is a poor one to be talking I have watched Madrid quite a few times over their season and he just walk`s around loosing possession bad passing and can`t take on player`s all way`s passing back , there is jealousy on behalf of Ronaldo I noticed he never went over to congratulate Bale after his wonder strike and now the goat wants the Champions League called after him what a big headed plonker .

  2. I read that The Independent stated that Bale would be willing to take a pay cut – apparently he would be happy to be on £200,000 a week like Harry Kane.

    I know people think Bale is a luxury buy and that we don’t need him, but come on you must admit it would be a supremely romantic return of the prodigal son – especially if we then went on to win things.

    Sometimes it isn’t necessarily all about the player that the club is purchasing, but the statement of intent that the club is signalling in the purchase.

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