Tottenham owner Joe Lewis suffers major financial blow

Joe Lewis, who currently owns Tottenham Hotspur football club, has been hit with a reduction of his riches, based on information from the Times Rich list. 

The Spurs owner is the leading investor in Tavistock Group which happens to be in charge of hundreds of elite companies across the world.

The latest gathering of financial information shows that Lewis has suffered a loss of £705 million in his assets as a result of fluctuations in currency.

Despite that, the Tottenham owner is still worth almost £4 billion which puts him at 32nd position on the list of Britain’s richest people.

With the club he owns now preparing to open a new stadium next year, Lewis might regain some of the lost revenue from the past year through increased ticket sales.

But there is no doubt that his financial well-being will always impact the decisions of the club, especially during the summer transfer window.