‘Went from punching a hole’: BBC pundit gives honest reaction to Tottenham VAR incident

BBC pundit and former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jermaine Jenas provided a very honest reaction to the incident which saw Spurs clinch a draw on Saturday against Manchester City.

When the two sides faced off last season in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals, Tottenham and Manchester City produced a contest which went down as one of the most memorable matches in the competition.

On that night, City scored a late goal which was ruled out by VAR and history certainly repeated itself only a few months later as the title chasers faced each other at the Etihad stadium on Saturday.

Spurs appeared to have conceded an agonizing late goal from substitute Gabriel Jesus but that sinking feeling did not last too long.

After a review of the play, VAR ruled out the goal due to a handball in the build-up and Jenas admitted that he went through a roller coaster of emotions.