What Glenn Hoddle heard ‘behind the scenes’ about Pochettino future & transfer funds

Former manager Glen Hoddle has rebealed what he has heard about Mauricio Pochettino and the whole summer plans at the club ahead of next season.

Daniel Levy might just have to spend in the transfer market to reassure Mauricio Pochettino about the club’s ambitions and also send out a message to the patient fans that the future is indeed meant to be a bright one.

Even though the club has run into the financial setback of building a new stadium, the fact that no players have been bought in a year could mean funds may be available.

Speculation has suggested that the future of Pochettino is uncertain while Levy might also be reluctant to invest funds in the transfer market.

But according to Hoddle, the Pochettino situation is actually not as bad as it looks from the media, based on what he claims to have heard.

“He might just be boxing clever a bit. What I know from behind the scenes at the club there has been money available, there will be money available in the summer,” the former Spurs manager told football.london.

“If he wins or loses, this is something he has been building and if he goes off to some of these other clubs being spoken about it’s a rebuild, instantly it’s a rebuild at a lot of clubs now.

“He’ll be looking back at the five years he’s had and if they win [the final] I think he’s suddenly jumped to the top of the tree. He’s the creme de la creme, but he would like to go for the Premier League [title] and get the consistency of challenging himself and the team, with the new stadium and that stand, the training ground, the squad, a better squad in the summer and buying better players, maybe not better but stronger players for a deeper squad.”